Welcome to Monstee’s Universe!

You officially landed on Monstee’s NFT Universe, Humaan!

We’re a Colony of hundreds of little creatures working on invading Earth!

Feel free to explore our website to meet us and learn who we are!

We’re very active on X (Twitter), don’t forget to follow us!

OpenSea is the place where you can find new Monstees landing on Earth!

The Monstee Colony is part of the BCK-Digital group, which offers digital solutions.

Who is Monstee?

Monstee is a character created and dropped into an NFT collection.

The Colony is composed of many Monstee creatures who came from a far away galaxy 🪐

Their planet died for an unknown reason, so they decided to explore galaxies to find a planet they can populate 🛸

After a couple of destinations, they landed on Earth and were afraid of meeting Humans.

The creator of the Colony is known as BCK-Digital, you can meet him here, or on his official website.

Lifetime collection:
‘Monstee Colony’

In the first drop, Monstees had no factions and were here to live with us and to be our friends.

There are periodic NFT drops with these day one Monstees.

Those are dropped in the Lifetime collection named ‘Monstee Colony’ on OpenSea.

Mainly on the POLYGON blockchain and some on ETHEREUM.

Day one Monstees use two different emblems.

The first one is a SWINGING NECKLACE showing his name.

The second one is a HORNED M used as a necklace, logo or emblem.

Limited edition:
‘Monstee Invaders’

Then a new type of Monstees jumped to their spaceships: the INVADERS.

Their Colony’s High Command decided to escape from their dying planet and invade Earth.

Monstees were afraid of us, ‘HUMAANS‘, and didn’t know how to populate Earth.

They divided into two factions: PREACHERS & CONQUERORS.

The objective is to see which strategy is better for their success!

Factions were chosen by the Colony’s Commanders.

This edition is on the ETHEREUM blockchain.

No periodic drops, it’s a limited edition with crazy utilities!


Their role is to convince us of their supremacy through dialogue.

They’re kind and have a real power of persuasion!


They have to invade us and steal our planet.

They’re dangerous and have serious war skills!

Monstee’s stories started on OpenSea and Twitter on 2021 November, and a Discord server was launched on 2022 March 🔥

The project is driven by a single Humaan who creates Monstees and promotes them alone.

This crazy Humaan is here to stay in the NFT space!

⚠️ There is no coding, each NFT is hand-drawn and worked on Photoshop.

⚠️ The little animations are drawn on Photoshop with GIF files.