Monstee in the ScrapyVerse

The 1st Limited Edition is ‘Monstee in the ScrapyVerse’.

During its journey, the Monstee Colony discovered a portal.
They jumped in this portal and appeared in a colorful dimension.

This is a collaboration with @ScrapyNFTs, a wonderful NFT artist working on abstract art.
For this collection, ScrapyNFTs prepared a special set of abstract art backgrounds, to use with new Monstees.
The ScrapyVerse was created!

When an Humaan adopts a Monstee from this special collection, he/she receives a little animated video story explaining how the Colony went in the ScrapyVerse!
This animation is minted as an NFT and sent to adopters’ wallets.

As a gift, they also receive a wonderful abstract art NFT from the amazing @ScrapyNFTs!

For a better experience please SOUND ON, and LANDSCAPE if you’re on a mobile phone!