Rewards program

The Monstee NFT project is more than a JPEG collection!
You don’t only ‘collect’ JPEG image files, you adopt an animated Monstee and join a real life Colony!

Monstee’s Universe includes a Rewards program launched on March 2022 and enhanced in 2023.

We have several ways to reward Monstee’s adopters with NFTs that can’t be collected on the primary market.

1/ Holders exclusive NFT Airdrops

This is the first way to reward our holders.

The program offers periodic drops with NFTs exclusively created for holders.

The first mass Airdrop was made on 2022-12-25 as a Christmas gift!

Our amazing holders received this wonderful Xmas Monstee!

2/ Coin rewards with Utilities

The Colony has its own mini bank for some transactions!

The currency used in the Colony is the Monee (M¤), those are Coins minted as NFTs.

The purpose of this program is to reward NFT owners and Monstee followers for their fidelity and for specific actions.

There is a total of 100 coins, no more no less.

Several types of rewards are minted, with various materials :

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Eneftee (a mysterious material found on Monstee’s spaceships).

These rewards can be held (to be sold later when the project will be bigger), or can be used to adopt new Monstees with price promotions.

Indeed these rewards have a monetary value that differs depending on the material.
For the launch of the program:

  • Silver gives a 20% price drop
  • Gold gives a 30% price drop
  • Eneftee gives a 50% price drop
  • Theses values will change when Monstee NFTs value will increase.

To use a reward, you have to adopt a Monstee and transfer the coin reward NFT to our wallet. We will refund you the amount of the promotion in your wallet!

3/ Bonus utilities on Limited Edition collections

As explained on the home page, the project includes 2 types of adoptable Monstees:

[a] those created and dropped periodically for adoption
> Lifetime Collection <

[b] those created under a special collection with bonus utilities
> Limited Edition <

When you adopt a Monstee under a special Limited Edition, you benefit from various bonus utilities.

Our first Limited Edition is a collaboration with @ScrapyNFTs, a wonderful NFT artist working on abstract art.
This Edition comes with a little animated video story, minted as an NFT and dropped to those who adopt a Monstee from this Limited Edition!
The first episode was launched on March 2023.